Fifty Sheds of Grey Captures the Passion


‘We tried various positions - round the back, up against a wall . . but the bottom of the garden was the only place for a really good shed’

A shed is a private place, set apart from the family home, where it’s possible to pursue interests and passions away from the extraneous noise and interruptions of the household. Many people around the world are truly devoted to their sheds and to the activities that they pursue therein. However, sheds have always had special meaning to the British people.

Many Brits indulge their deepest and most abiding passions in their sheds. I speak principally, of course, of gardening, building things and reading books, although some express more exotic and modern tastes in the activities that they pursue.

The fact is, a shed is a small, detached building that can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of an addition or even a conservatory. Sheds give overcrowded, overstressed Brits the extra space they need, physically and mentally, to relax, work and devote time to hobbies. Sheds are invaluable to many Brits, but they are sadly underrepresented in British literature.

Inspired by the best selling erotic novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, author C.T. Grey’s ‘Fifty Sheds of Grey’[3] captures the ardour of everyday men (and women!) who are passionate about their garden sheds and timber workshops. This insightful and thorough exploration of garden sheds - their emotional content and erotic potential - is a long overdue addition to the British cultural and social lexicon.

Fifty Sheds of Grey began its life as a series of suggestive shed photos[2] and evocative memories[1] recorded on Twitter. These morsels of wisdom and humour resonated with so many people that they had to be bound and published into a slim, handsome volume for Christmas 2012. For weeks before Christmas, this timely and brilliant little book outsold its more famous predecessor.

Not every shed can inspire the kind of infatuation that C.T. Grey so eloquently captures in Fifty Sheds of Grey. To be worthy of that kind of intense devotion, a shed must be built of solid, sustainably grown wood and available in designs to suit any predilection, no matter how strange or unusual.

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When you’re ready to take the plunge and become the owner of a beautiful shed, choose a shed that has the potential to inspire true passion.