Garden Sheds Gorgie


Gorgie, a neighbourhood in West Edinburgh, was still a fairly rural area until the late nineteenth century. The Livingston family held the land in Gorgie from 1236 until 1799. A large pig farm was located where the neighbourhood is today, and then a glue factory was built there in the nineteenth century. Also McVitie & Price was originally based in Gorgie, and it’s said that the digestive biscuit was invented there.

We don't make biscuits but we do have over 100 timber buildings in our showroom just 50 minutes from Gordie to help you decide which layout and size is right for you.

In the twentieth century, Gorgie finally took its rightful place as a centre for drink and sport. The Harts played in Gorgie until 1886, and now they’re just across the road. Gorgie is also still home to the Caledonian Brewery and the North British Distillery. 
The houses in Gorgie are of a variety of types. There are traditional tenement buildings and terraced houses, as well a few modern highrises. Many Gorgie residents have a private or shared garden and limited space in the house. That’s why quite a few people in the neighbourhood are looking for nice looking and high quality outbuildings.
Anchor Timber Buildings makes storage sheds, potting sheds, garages and playhouses that are perfect for Gorgie and other Edinburgh neighbourhoods. They come in over 60 standard designs, and each design is available in a variety of sizes. Bespoke timber buildings are also available, for those with an unusual space to fill or an existing foundation or concrete surface that they’d like to fit the new building to. 
Our timber buildings are as beautiful as they are strong, secure and practical. Begin by taking a look at the huge selection of timber buildings pictured on our website. Then, give us a call to discuss your specific needs. We’re a local company based right across the Forth in Leslie, Fife, (about 50 minutes from Gorgie by car) so you can easily visit our workshop to meet us and to see our timber buildings in person before buying. 
WE HAVE OVER 100 TIMBER BUILDINGS ON SITE TO HELP YOU MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE. Come over and have a look, you won't be disappointed.
We’ve installed many timber buildings in Edinburgh and are familiar with the city council’s planning and building requirements.