Pin Bases from Anchor Timber Buildings


Over the last few months, we’ve been posting technical articles on building a foundation for your new timber outbuilding. A base for a timber building can be as simple as an existing pavement or as complex as a new poured concrete foundation with footings below ground.

Placing a timber building on a proper base that incorporates good support, a level surface, a way to tie the building down and protection from pooling water will help keep it in good condition for years to come.

To get a more detailed account of the purposes of a shed base, refer to Shed Bases - Four Things to Think About.  To find out about very quick solutions to the problem of where to place your shed, read No Shed Base? Quick Solutions. For instructions on how to build a base out of paving units, please see Easy shed bases: gravel and pavers.

Shed pin base exampleThere’s another easy solution: just buy a pin base from  Anchor Timber Buildings. We can install it when we deliver your new shed.

Anchor Timber Buildings’ pin bases for sheds are reasonably priced – anywhere from £48 for a 6x4 foot shed to £160 for a 8x10 foot shed. We always recommend them for our clients who want to place their new shed in a spot that isn’t level.

Support and Levelling

The pin bases use wooden stakes attached around the edges of a wooden frame to suspend the shed slightly above ground. The stakes are completely embedded in the higher areas of ground and less deeply embedded into the lower ground, supporting the shed and creating a level base. While this is fantastic for installing a shed in an area that isn’t level, there are also advantages to using a pin base on level ground.

Moisture Protection

The pin base is built entirely of tanalised, pressure treated timber. That means that it will resist water damage for many years. The fact that it lifts the shed slightly above ground level ensures that water won’t collect under the shed or against the walls, and that will help to protect it from water damage.


The pin base is supported on treated timber pins embedded in the ground. The pins are held in place by friction and when the shed has been tied down to the pin base with screws or nails, the base will provide some protection from overturning and uplift; it will help tie the shed down.


So, pin bases provide support, create a level surface, provide protection from water damage and help tie the shed down. They’re an all-in-one solution for a small to medium sized shed or outbuilding. They’re also convenient. When the shed is delivered, Anchor’s joiners will set the pin base into place and then install the shed onto it.

If you plan to place your shed on sloped ground and are not planning to level the ground or build a foundation, then you’ll want to include one of these in your order. If you’re planning to place your shed on fairly level ground but need an easy solution for the base, then a pin base is a good choice for you, too.