Timber Buildings Carnoustie


Carnostie is located eleven miles east of Dundee, on the shore of the North Sea. It's a commuter town for many people who work in Dundee and prefer to live somewhere quieter, and it's also known for agriculture and tourism, especially golf.

Carnostie was built mostly in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and it started out as a town full of independent weavers who made linen cloth on hand looms. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, there was a shoe factory in town, and weaving continued to be an active business in the area. Farming and fishing were also traditionally important parts of the economy.

Today, Carnostie is a comfortable town with both new and traditional houses, where many residents are proud of their lovely gardens.

That's why Anchor Timber Buildings' garden and potting sheds, wooden playhouses, workshops and garages are excellent choices for Carnostie properties. Outbuildings from Anchor Timber Buildings are well made and attractive, and they will enhance the appearance of your home and garden rather than detracting from it.

Anchor Timber Buildings

Anchor Timber Buildings is located in Leslie, just west of Glenrothes, along the A911. We manufacture all kinds of timber outbuildings – more than 60 models in all, each available in a variety of sizes and with a number of options. We can build bespoke timber buildings to fit existing foundations, unusual spaces and unusual requirements, as well.

Our sheds, workshops, summerhouses, garages and playhouses are all built of solid, sustainably farmed Scots pine, also known as redwood. They're manufactured right here in Fife, and we will deliver and erect buildings sold to Carnostie residents at no extra charge.

Take a look at our website to explore all of the styles and options available, or visit our huge, indoor showroom in Leslie. We have over 100 timber buildings constructed and on display. It's a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.