Timber Buildings Leith


Leith is located on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth. Although it’s now Edinburgh’s port, for many centuries it was an independent town.

As the location of Mary of Guise’s stand against the English army and the Scottish Lairds, it played an important role in Scotland’s history. As a centre for shipbuilding, distribution of goods, glassmaking and manufacturing industries, it has historically had an economy rooted in industry and trade.

With free public education for boys beginning in 1555, free public health care beginning in 1777, Scotland’s first public sewer built in 1780, and electric street lights installed in 1890, Leith has a long history as a working town with a social conscience far ahead of its time.

In the last few decades, Leith has been experiencing a resurgence in employment opportunities and housing. New businesses are opening, new houses are being built, and existing homes are being renovated and restored.

Anchor Timber Buildings is a manufacturer of wooden garden sheds, summerhouses, garages and other outbuildings. We’re located in Leslie, on the other side of the Forth. We can provide new and replacement buildings for home and business owners in Leith, and all of our prices include delivery and installation. The buyer just needs to provide a level piece of ground, a shed base or a foundation, depending upon the size and type of building.

Anchor Timber Buildings is a Scottish business, locally owned and operated. Our workshop in Leslie has fully constructed examples of many of our 60+ building types. Our webpage has photos of all of them. Most of our standard buildings are available in a variety of sizes, but we also offer a bespoke building manufacturing service, so that our clients can fit their building to an unusual space or to an existing foundation. The wood we use in our buildings is FSC/PEFC registered, always sourced from a sustainably managed forest.

Give us a call, and we can answer any question you may have about our products, our bespoke buildings, or our delivery service.