Timber Buildings Meadowbank, Edinburgh


Anchor Timber Buildings proudly serves the Meadowbank area of Edinburgh. 

Meadowbank Stadium, Scotland’s two-time host for the commonwealth games, anchors the area. Today, the stadium is home to Edinburgh City F.C., which is in the East of Scotland League, and the Edinburgh Wolves, a team that plays American football. It is also used for concerts, high school athletics, art shows, flea markets and other events. 
Meadowbank features detached houses and traditional tenement accommodations, and has both modern residential buildings and handsome houses and tenements that were built in the early twentieth century. It is a neighbourhood where residents take pride in their homes and gardens.
Most Meadowbank residents have a private garden or access to a shared garden, and many have living accommodations that do not allow much room for storage. A shed for storing gardening tools and sporting equipment is a very convenient thing to have access to when you live in a small house or flat. 
Many of the existing outbuildings in Meadowbank date to the construction of the homes and are close to 100 years old. While a stone house may age gracefully, the same cannot always be said of a timber outbuilding. Older timber buildings may no longer be clean, secure and water-tight places for storage and garden work. Fortunately, timber buildings are easy to replace, and they may not cost as much as you think.
Anchor Timber Buildings can supply sturdy and attractive timber potting sheds, storage sheds, garages and playhouses to Meadowbank residents, with both delivery and assembly provided at no extra charge. We have a wide variety of standard models: over 60! Each building can be ordered in a variety of different sizes. 
Although our standard designs almost always fit the needs of customers who are purchasing a new outbuilding, we also provide a very reasonably priced bespoke design service. We can construct anything you can describe, and we can also fit a new timber building to your existing concrete pad or foundation.
Look at our website, give us a call, and visit our workshop in Fife. We think you’ll be impressed with what we have to offer. WE HAVE OVER 55 TIMBER BUILDINGS ON SITE TO HELP YOU MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE.