Timber Buildings in Perth


Perth is on the Firth of Tay, in the southern part of the Scottish highlands. Scone Palace, for many centuries home of the Stone of Destiny, is there. The Kings of Scotland lived in Perth in past times, and it was a one of Scotland's capital cities. It was occupied by the English and by Jacobites, and it rioted and sacked its abbeys during the Reformation. Today, however, Perth is a fairly quiet place with two theatres, a healthy retail sector, and a diverse economy.

Perth's name means 'woods' in Pictish, and there's evidence that it has been continuously inhabited for many thousands of years, first by Mesolithic hunter-gatherers and then by Neolithic farmers who left behind standing stones and stone circles.

If you have a building on your property that looks like it dates to the Neolithic period, then it may be time to think about replacing it. Anchor Timber Buildings can almost certainly help.

Anchor Timber Buildings

Anchor Timber Buildings is located near Leslie, outside of Glenrothes. From Perth, we're a 40 minute drive south on the M90 and east on the A911. You'll want to visit our indoor timber building showroom, where we have over 100 fully assembled summerhouses, storage sheds, garden sheds, pet houses, playhouses, workshops and garages.

We're a Scottish owned company, and we produce more than 65 timber building models in a variety of sizes from sustainably sourced, solid redwood. We can also manufacture bespoke timber buildings for existing foundations, unusual sites and special functional requirements.

Our website gives the cost, sizes and options for each of our standard models. For residents of Perth and all of central Scotland, the prices include delivery and installation. Our timber buildings offer high quality design and construction, beauty and good value. Call, e-mail or visit us today to find the perfect timber building for your property.