Mobility Scooter Storage Shed

These sheds have been design specifically for housing mobility scooters.  This Mobility Scooter Shed provides you with a secure and dry place to house your Scooter. It comes with a wider door and a ramp for easy access. 

All our mobility scooter sheds are built using using tongue and groove cladding on the walls, roof & floor. We do not use and chipboard or sterling boards to cut costs in our buildings. The framing is a minimum of 38x50mm. We use a press lock and ket  for securing the building.

We use a standard 20kg green or red mineral felt on our mobility scooter sheds as standard with an option to upgrade to 38kg for more protection.

All our buildings are treated both internallly and externally before delivery & installation is made, we do however recommen that you treat the building within 3 months of getting your building.

All timber spoken about in our website is nominal sizes, this means the size of the timber before it has been machined. 16mm is the size of the board and when finished is 12mm thick. There can be a slight variation of upto 1mm either way, this is outwith our control.


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Specification Eaves Height: Ridge Height: Door: 1817mm x 660mm Window: No Window Frami..
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